The LUBA Series robot lawnmowers feature RTK GNSS navigation and virtual-mapping systems. Those allow users to customize their mowing tasks with different mowing areas and schedules in the Mammotion APP. They provide a picture-perfect lawn maintenance solution with a real hands-free experience.

Quick Setup With No Perimeter Wire
Just walk along behind LUBA, using the Mammotion App to set up virtual boundaries. Using the RTK and Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System, LUBA can create a map of your lawn and set up different mowing areas without the hassle of digging or burying wires.

RTK and Multi-Sensor Integrated  Navigation System
Provides access to four global navigation systems and IMU sensors, giving precise positioning – 2cm of accuracy. Our patented algorithm improves positioning stability when the signal is weak. The RTK signal can cover up to 20,000㎡.